The following sums me up  pretty succulently,


My Age: I have witnessed forty-three winters freeze the world over and then melt away guiltily as the summer sun approached.


My Education: I have survived the heavy management books of the marketing and financial gurus. I have walked straight through the engineering corridors and lived through to tell the story of my life.


My Professional Experience: Let it be sufficed to say that I have slogged in the corporate world for the past twenty-two years and yet not lost my sense of humor and my heart still beats to the rhythms of good poetry. I have seen the promotions, the salary hikes, the awards, the not so welcome recessions, I have sailed through them write up to here without sinking still coming tops.


Me: I have experienced a plethora of relationships that have added sugar and spice to an otherwise bland life. I have been a daughter, a friend, a lover, a wife, a mother, a daughter in law, sister, sister in law and many more to come….. Few things that make my heart sing are a good day spent in writing and writing some more.