Night Of Raven

I painted the night black as the raven hair of a maiden,

I sprinkled star dust of half-baked dreams yawning faintly.

The night grew old ,cloudy wrinkles pockmarked the smooth façade,

Sleep taunted tired eyes as the moon mocks the dark night daringly.

All through the dark night I kept a vigil on my dreams

None dared to creep in my sleep deprived mind.

Your absence kept a ruthless guard on my eyes,

Even a single blink, tiny as breath I failed to find.

On stealth toes of the first coy rays of the dawn,

Morning came riding, shining as a prince heralding new beginning.

A heavy heart weighed down any brazen trace of exuberance,

Happiness impregnated momentarily was staring dully at sparks of joys aborting.

The day dragged in as a young son’s corpse on an old man’s shoulders,

I looked at the sky and thought of the dreams I squandered away in the night.

The day stretched like the marauding sand dune on the fertile river banks,

Another arduous wait, another day to kill, till the raven black covers the sun light.



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