Life, The treacherous partner

Whoever said that life is not a bed of roses certainly knew what he was talking about. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, often it feels like a Hollywood psychological thriller.

Just when you think you have it all figured out and you can sit back and relax, Life springs a new twist on you.

The roller-coaster ride that begins with a shrill cry usually ends with a silent scream. We hate the start and then we get so involved in the game that we detest letting it go.when our dice roll takes us to the home run.

The days and nights are spent callously in pursuits that are mirages at best. Even when you reach the sparkling pond, you return to the start even more thirsty. Whoever could drink the water in a mirror!

Still, stubborn mules that we are, slaves to our own destinies, we keep going around in circles hoping in our deluded insanities that this time around the thirst would be quenched and the water would not be a mirage.

While each of us goes around in circles in our silos, spinning our own tales of love, hate, treachery, and debauchery completely unaware of each other, life slip away. Each of us lives in the fallacy of our dreams believing it to be the only reality. We argue, fight, and kill all the while imposing our realities on people living in alien silos assuming that they intentionally deny our reality.

At times this is how each life completes a circle mired deeply in its own quagmire of confusions. There are few of us who ever gather enough pull to bounce out of our own circles realize that we wasted way too much time alone, unaware of the boundless circles spinning around us as separate universes.


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