*** I apologize in Advance if some words in the post hurt any one's sensibilities the purpose of the post as always is to bring out on paper my thoughts***

I have been thinking for some time now and observing the circus of people around me and I think I would not be shot dead if I say that I have rather a cynical sense of pigeonholing people. People can be rather interesting if you stand outside their circle of touch and observe them. That way they can’t hit you when you say aloud your judgment of them.

I am an organizer at heart, I love to keep everything properly labelled and all that makes life so much easier you see. So I categories people too, I put each of them in their tiny little boxes, that way I can whoosh and open the box depending on what situation I am in and take my pick, simple, economical and very effective mind you.

 So here I would share a leaf out of my little red book of experience as I call it. You see people are basically either fuckers or fakers. It’s simple: you see , if you actually see it from my perspective, which I am sure you would love to see, since it’s a very interesting perspective to begin with… even if you don’t and you have started reading this article I am sure by the end of it you would have fallen in love with my perspective so let’s stick to my perspective here…

Well back to categorization as we were talking about, let me define them for you.

Fuckers are the so called real doers, they do everything and then end up totally fucking it. Even when it comes to the actual act, they really fuck and get fucked up in the transaction, which is very droll. If you ask me, even if you don’t ask me I would still tell you it’s unimaginably inane. Imagine getting fucked up when all you wanted to do was a little fucking.  But mind you they do it all with a real passion, they love with passion, they care with passion, they fuck with passion too(wink , wink) , they live with passion and they die with passion. Such is the passionate lifestyle of the fuckers.

Now let me define the fakers these are no good doers, or rather let’s say they are the non-doers. They don’t do anything, they just fake it out all their lives, pretending to be doing, but not doing anything. They pretend to love, pretend to care , pretend to fuck too( they fake it real big time) they pretend to live and they pretend to die too(as you see fakers never die they just live in the memory of the fuckers since they have fucked up the fuckers so bad!!!)

Well now you see!!! Now take another look around you and you will see how absolutely hilarious it is to pick each one of them mango people and putting them in their designated baskets, the fuckers or the fakers!! And the best part is that they don’t even know they are being fucked or you are just faking it on them.

I personally feel that both fuckers and fakers have their own classical pros and cons. You see God had a plan in it all and a real cunning one I must tell. That’s the reason he created both the fuckers and fakers. Let’s say the world only had fuckers and no fakers at all … Imagine now 2 fuckers  together for life.

There would be no spice at all…. It would be all so damn sweet that Cinderella and her lover boy would die of shame. Now we wouldn’t want the lovely Cinderella and her homogenous looking prince to die would we? Too sweet yikess… nope the world would surely be spicier with the fakers around to add their special brand of chilly and spice to the passion of the fuckers.

 Now that we know that fuckers and fakers are on earth for a purpose, we know that they are for real and have their own divine purpose in the being of things, I think it is time we learn to respect each of them for their own place in the world and respect them for their individual fucking and faking.



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