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Though I loved the bits when Menina travels to the Spanish convent and tries to resurrect the convent and the lost symbols. Even the stories of the old sisters of the Spanish convent set in the 16th century were very well written. Though I wish that the narrator had been a better developed and stronger character than Menina.

It is a good book in pieces and if you have the patience to discover the good parts in the book, go ahead and give the book a try

Wow... What a beautiful conclusion to a wonderful trilogy. The book was as well written as the other 2 books in the series. This one shares the journey of a woman who is married off young and has always been in the shadow of her domineering mother and fails to stand up for herself in her 1st marriage. The journey is breathtaking and a sure-shot page-turner as you travel along with Carla as she matures.The fascinating story of friendship and strong that truly shows how strong women supporting each other can overcome every possible set back with a flick of their well manicured fingers!

One of the best books of the Triology. I was absolutely enthralled  the champagne region and a glimpse into the inner workings of making champagne. A must read for all Petra Durst Fans

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I have already read the Glassblower Trilogy by the Author and was immensely impressed with her writing style. So I picked up this series with high expectations. Though I still rate the glassblower series higher, the Century series is also good. The way female leads take up challenges in predominantly male domains and fight for their rights is amazing. I never realized that using a bicycle would have been such a big deal when they were first introduced. The way the women dressed in Europe during that time, didn't go well with the concept of cycling. This book goes in-depth to and details the journey of 3 friends from very different classes of society, how they are bound by a common passion for cycling and how they learn and grow around this passion.

A must read

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